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Happy Milton Friedman Day!

Posted by erweinstein on January 29, 2007

From Terry Savage at the Chicago Sun-Times:

Today has been declared Milton Friedman Day, and he will be honored today at the University of Chicago Rockefeller Chapel at 2 p.m., a ceremony that will be open to the public, and is co-sponsored by the University of Chicago and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

If you want to know more about his formidable influence, you can watch his biography, “The Power of Choice” on PBS tonight.

For more info, see

Here is a special feature from the website of The Economist.

Economist Arnold Kling has a commemorative essay here.

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The Merging

Posted by erweinstein on January 29, 2007

Hello friends, well-wishers, and random internets people! With the impending discontinuation of the group blog of which I am a member (, I have decided that I wanted an individual blog to serve as a clearinghouse for the various things I write on the Internet. I also wanted to repost some of my older pieces that were lost during a server crash, and merge various posts of links and articles that I made on social networking sites. If my Mankind Minus One colleagues can engineer some other collaborative venue for expression, I will probably join it and this blog will remain secondary (make no mistake—I am extremely grateful to Max and Zach for their efforts, and I am sorry that MKM1 didn’t work out better for all of us). However, if I do not join another group project, expect this site to transition over the next year into a full blog, in the style of a quasi-daily (or weekly when workload is heavy) journal on the topics listed above, with the occasional post of random musings.

More content and hopefully some design changes will appear over the next few weeks.

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Is DRM on its way out?

Posted by erweinstein on January 22, 2007

Record labels rethink digital rights management at Midem – International Herald Tribune

We may be witnessing the start of a new era in the music business. More comments will follow if anything actually comes of this.


UPDATE: Steve Jobs endorses ending DRM. Don Dodge, one of the founders of Napster, explains Jobs’ reasoning and points out that Bill Gates agrees.

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