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About recent changes

You have the honor (or possibly the “privilege”) of visiting my blog during a time of many changes.

Not all (or even necessarily most) of these major changes have been bad. Here are the three most notable good ones (in chronological order):

  1. I earned a degree. A bit less than six calendar years after beginning undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the College (as the undergraduate division of that university is named).
  2. Something I co-created became a huge success. While I am often reluctant to admit it, especially after having heard much advice about keeping work and non-work public personae separate, I am one of the co-creators of Cards Against Humanity, a best-selling party card game. Our game, notable in this predominantly digital era because you play it with physical cards while verbally interacting with the other players who are all located in the same room (of someone’s residence, a tavern, etc.), is sometimes controversial because it allows players to joke about a wide variety of “sensitive” or “politically incorrect” issues as well as many (hated, beloved, etc.) pop culture figures. For more information, including where and how Cards Against Humanity is sold, please consider visiting the Cards Against Humanity website. Note that the website, like the content of the game itself, contains references to many potentially offensive subjects that you may not wish to view, and Cards Against Humanity might be considered NSFW. (Depending on where you work, if you have never seen our game or website, I really do advise you NOT to display our website on your screen. None of the content is gruesome, pornographic, or illegal, but in my experience it is still wise to observe the old rule about not starting discussions about “the big three” topics–religion, politics, and sex–with one’s co-workers in the middle of the workday, and our game contains a great many jokes touching on exactly those subjects.)
  3. I got married. On August 9, 2014, I was honored and overjoyed to marry Clare Rosean, my wonderful soul-mate and now wife, in the presence of our family and friends on the campus of the University of Chicago, where she and I first met in the fall of 2010. To use a strange metaphor that I made up just now but that seems entirely appropriate, Clare is the powerful and energy-efficient LED light shining brightly onto the interesting but otherwise-poorly-lit room of my life. In the professional realm, Clare Rosean is a visual artist and graphic designer, and you can learn more about her work from her website.

I am currently evaluating changes to some visual aspects of the blog, as well as some usage aspects like commenting and social media sharing.

I will provide more information in the future.

Thanks, and I appreciate your viewing and reading.

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