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Remark of the Week

Posted by erweinstein on November 16, 2007

Political journalist/commentator/blogger Andrew Sullivan regarding the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate of November 15:

It’s quite clear to me, though, that Obama and Clinton loathe each other. When I hear people talk of a Clinton-Obama ticket, I want to know what they’re smoking and get some.

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A promotion for Cardinal George

Posted by erweinstein on November 14, 2007

Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, has been elected president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Although the position conveys little additional authority on Church policy (all important decisions are handed down to the national conferences from the Vatican), it adds symbolic support to Cardinal George’s role as a leader and spokesman for American Catholicism. George has previously served as the vice-president of the Bishops’ organization.

Cardinal George received 85% of the vote for the conference presidency. George was elevated to Archbishop (stationed first in Portland, and subsequently in his hometown of Chicago) by the late John Paul II. Since John Paul’s death, Cardinal George has demonstrated himself to be a major supporter of Pope Benedict XVI.

Also on the agenda at the Bishops’ conference this week is the issue of political involvement for the 2008 election season. Here is a report on that topic from PBS.

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Mankiw is on a roll

Posted by erweinstein on November 9, 2007

This New York Times op-ed about US health care reform, combined with his response to comments on his blog, confirms that Harvard economist Greg Mankiw is one of today’s most incisive economic policy thinkers.

Political junkies may remember Mankiw as the economic adviser to President George W. Bush who made some politically incorrect (but economically justified) statements about outsourcing. Economics and public policy junkies may remember him for his contributions to modern growth theory and his cameos in the recent popular-scientific-history book Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations. A year-old ranking calculated that “Mankiw, Romer, & Weil” (as the paper linked above is known) is the 65th most-cited peer-reviewed article in contemporary economics.

Now if only I could figure out why he agreed to be an economics adviser to Mitt Romney…

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R for Ron

Posted by erweinstein on November 6, 2007

Over $4 million was donated yesterday to the Ron Paul presidential campaign, in spirit of celebrating liberty and “resisting tyranny” on the Fifth of November. Although his campaign did not coordinate the “money-bomb” (individual supporters thought it up and did the legwork), the Texas Congressman has set a record for the most money raised on the Internet by a political candidate in a single day. Paul’s Internet legions openly (and somewhat awesomely, says this Alan Moore fan) evoked imagery from the movie V for Vendetta to sell their groundbreaking project.

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Remark of the Week

Posted by erweinstein on November 2, 2007

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw, discussing this article by his colleague Ed Glaeser:

Ed Glaeser thinks boys and girls are different. Does this mean he will never be President of Harvard?

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