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Troops in Iraq, proportional to population

Posted by erweinstein on February 21, 2007

Military deployment in Iraq, as of February 2007, expressed as percent of total national population (my back-of-the-envelope calculations, not exhaustive):

US – 0.0503 %

UK – 0.0117 %

Denmark – 0.0084 %

South Korea – 0.0047 %

Australia – 0.0027 %

Poland – 0.0023 %

Lithuania – 0.0016 %

Sources: CIA World Factbook (population), Wikipedia (troop levels)

Note that the UK and Denmark have recently proposed troop reductions, which are not factored into these calculations.

Question: What is the most appropriate or meaningful way to express relative troop levels? For example, is proportion of population better than proportion of standing military forces, or should we use total expenditures (per capita) including aircraft and naval commitments?

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