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No Hiding Place

Posted by erweinstein on September 7, 2007

…for Mike Nifong. The corrupt, grandstanding, race-baiting former District Attorney of Durham County is serving 24 hours in jail today for contempt of court. Nifong was disbarred in June for his actions during the Duke Lacrosse case. He still faces civil liabilities from the three Duke students whose lives he ruined. Nifong proceeded with charges of rape against David Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann while suppressing contradictory DNA evidence because appearing to stand up for the rights of the black accuser against the “privileged” white students gave Nifong the votes he needed to secure his reelection in racially-divided Durham.

Many members of the conservative and libertarian blogosphere, especially Bill Anderson and the crowd at, deserve much credit for correctly ascertaining the facts of the case and for agitating against Nifong’s gross misconduct. In contrast, most members of the educated liberal elite (including the 88 Duke professors who signed a statement criticizing the accused lacrosse players) deserve condemnation for blindly assuming that the allegations of a black “victim” against white “perpetrators” must be true.

In related matters, what on earth is a 24-hour sentence? How much correctional purpose can be served by having an offender spend one day in prison?

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