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McCain on farm subsidies

Posted by erweinstein on December 9, 2007

John McCain confirmed today that he still holds the position that made many (including myself) pay close attention in the Republican Presidential Primary eight years ago: opposition to US federal farm subsidies.

During an interview on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked about McCain’s low poll numbers in Iowa. Senator McCain admitted difficulties in that state, explaining his poor appeal,

I don’t support ethanol subsidies. I don’t support farm subsidies; I think they should be phased out.”

It’s good to know that McCain hasn’t abandoned one of his signature issues despite its unpopularity. It’s even better that one of the major candidates (other than long-shot Ron Paul) accepts the basic economic fact that farm subsidies enrich agribusiness and other non-poor farmers, harm citizens through higher taxes and higher food prices, and cripple farmers in poor countries who would could earn a living by selling agricultural products for the US market if they could compete fairly.

Here is more from that same interview, mainly about McCain’s response to an attack mailing by Mitt Romney:

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