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New Hampshire Primaries in Progress

Posted by erweinstein on January 8, 2008

A little less than six hours remains until the polls close in the New Hampshire Republican and Democratic Presidential Primary Elections.

As of yesterday, polls indicate that Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton far outside the margin of error in the Democratic Primary, with John Edwards in third and Bill Richardson in forth.

For the Republicans, John McCain and Mitt Romney are battling for first place, followed at a distance by Mike Huckabee while another close fight pits Rudy Giuliani against Ron Paul for fourth place. Most polls have McCain going into the primary with a 4%-7% lead over Romney (slightly less than the margin of error), but Romney’s perceived good showing in Sunday’s debate may make up some of the support he has lost in New Hampshire since he embarrassingly placed second in Iowa to Huckabee.

News reports and eyewitness accounts suggest extremely (possibly historically) high voter turnout. When projected turnout is compared to the existing electoral rolls, it appears that many independents and previously-nonvoters are participating today. Based on plausible speculation about the identities of these new voters, the high turnout is good news for Obama, McCain, and possibly Ron Paul (who is eager to beat Giuliani, as Congressman Paul and the former NYC Mayor have been involved in a bitter weeks-long argument over the root causes of the 9-11 attacks).

The Atlantic‘s Marc Ambinder is again providing his excellent election liveblogging.

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