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All About Strikes

Posted by erweinstein on December 1, 2007

While the Hollywood writers strike and the Broadway tech and stagehand strike paralyze the US entertainment industry, the news writers of CBS have voted to strike after working for 2.5 years without a contract. The Hollywood writers have resumed negotiations with the media companies, but no progress has been made and insiders are not optimistic.

Public-sector and pension reforms initiated by new French President Nicolas Sarkozy have provoked a large transit workers strike in France, which students and civil servants of various types joined last week.

Here are some thoughts from The Economist‘s Free Exchange Blog about strikes and negotiation.

While you’re waiting for your favorite TV shows or plays to resume (or if you’re stuck in traffic in Paris and have an iPhone or laptop), please enjoy this video of Billy Joel and his band performing the song “Allentown” in 1998 (before he started to lose his voice).

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